Grade 3 and the process of making crêpes

Grade 3 French students guessed, then searched and found the ingredients for making crêpes. By doing so, they also demonstrated that they were in full command of their food vocabulary from Grade 2. They then wrote up a recipe for their crêpes. After making the crêpes last Friday, today they also showed the process, step by step, through which the crêpes were made, using new vocabulary words such as “je mets, je mélange”.


  • Duane Smith says:

    Looks like a great activity to increase vocabulary. What did they taste like?

    • tzerunyan says:

      It was a great activity indeed. Both for revising vocabulary and building on what they know, making compound sentences. We also sang songs related to food and eating, which made the activity even more meaningful and fun. You would have to ask Grade 3 students about the taste, but they said the crêpes tasted “trés bon”.

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