French Audio Books

Here are two excellent web sites offering audio books to expand vocabulary and improve pronunciation.

You can access these books by login in to a school assigned website. The login and password information has been sent to your email.

A collection of simple audio e-books as well as games that go with each book :


Recommended Websites to Practice and Review French

Please click on the links below to see alternatives to Linguascope to practice French over the summer.

This website has a series of fun games for reviewing letter sounds and digraphs, most of which have been covered in years one and two of the French programme.

Logiciel Educatif

This one is simple to navigate, offering an alternative to Linguascope for very basic vocabulary revision.


An animated website which covers a range of topics covered in class, including various games.


Duolingo is a free web site, but students need to sign up in order to access it. It tracks students’ progress which is an advantage.


An excellent collection of audio books in French


Summer Reading Recommendations for Turkish Language B Learners


Grade 2 French homework for the new unit

Grade 2 French have started their new unit on countries and nationalities. We are currently reading the abbreviated version of a book entitled “le loup qui voulait faire le tour du monde” :


We will begin by learning vocabulary related to the countries the wolf visits.

It would benefits students greatly if they could review the vocabulary on linguascope as well, by going on the linguascope website, under “beginner”, “mon environment”, and finally “les pays” and completing the assignments there.

Students will also get a copy of the simplified version of the book next week and watch the following video :

Grade 1 Hisar writing about the seasons

Turkish Grade 1 students at Hisar wrote and drew about the changes occurring with seasons

French snow day work Grade 2

Dear Parents,

Students should log into the linguascope website, and follow these steps :

1. Go to “beginner”.
2. Click on “mon environment”.
3. Click on “Le recyclage”.

All activities under this sections should be completed.
Students should try to find items that can be recycled at home, such as paper, empty cans (without sharp edges), as well as glass and plastic items to bring to school after the break.
Students are encouraged to explore all other vocabulary sections as well, especially “la nourriture” and “la météo”.

Wishing you a wonderful break.

French snow day homework Grade 3

Dear Parents,

While we usually do not assign homework for French, Friday is a day students have French class. It would therefore be beneficial for them to continue working on their vocabulary related to physical descriptions, “Description du visage”.

Students should be login into linguascope, go on “beginner”, then “moi et ma famille”, then click on “Desciption du visage”. They should complete all the activities there. They can also review other vocabulary sections that have been covered until now.

Wishing you a wonderful break.

Grade 2 Marmara explain their pizza toppings in Turkish

Grade 2 Marmara Turkish language A and B students name their pizza toppings. They learned the term “koyuyorum” – I put tomatoes, olives on the pizza. The next step for them will be to place a pizza order for delivery.

Grade 2 Turkish students were making a healthy pizza.

Grade 2 Turkish students came together once again to create a healthy pizza. They rolled the dough, put the toppings and ate the pizza. Is it healthy or not ?

Grade 1 Hisar sorting weather items into categories

Grade 1 at Hisar worked on sorting out pictures related to seasons into categories. They were not told that these were related to seasons, and came up with some very interesting ideas. Some unkowingly sorted them out according to the seasons (naming them, like Denis did), others categorized them according to different clothing items, the change in trees, or weather.

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