Summer Reading Recommendations for Turkish Language B Learners


Grade 1 Marmara exploring the weather

Grade 1 students have been learning about different weather terms in Turkish class. They brainstormed about what they would need to present the weather to an audience. These were the days of the week, months and the name of cities. So we chose to start with the map of Turkey, so as to learn the location of different cities in the country. We also looked into different sentence structures such as “bugün hava güneşli”, and how it is different from “dün hava güneşliydi”, and how the suffixes change according to past, present and future tenses.

Grade 1 finding one word syllables

Grade 1 were working on building three letter, one syllable words such as “kız” and “ayı and the more challenging ones with letters ş, ç, ğ such as “dağ” or “kış”, as letters and sounds such “ş” and “ç” are easy to confuse.

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