Students will be exploring the central idea ‘How language connects us with others. They will have opportunities to experiment with the mechanics of language, words, patterns, sentences structures and how best to construct these to best communicate with their audience. They will examine the different ways to share their thoughts, feelings and ideas. They will inquire into the similarities and differences between different languages and how the impact culture has on language.

This is a multi grade unit of inquiry.
Grade 2 students will be exploring how to get to know each other using interviews and focusing on developing the oral language skills to support this.

Grade 3 students will experience a French/Turkish café and explore the cultural and language applications in this context.


EY5 students will be learning about the different parts of the body, as well as how they relate to the five senses. They will be working on sound recognition, with emphasis on the letters E,L,A,T.

Grade 1 students will be looking into the weather and the seasons. They will focus on the change in suffixes and tenses related to the weather.

Grade 2 students will learn vocabulary related to nutrition such as food: fruit and vegetables, dairy products, grain products, as well as meat and substitutes.

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