Summer Reading Recommendations for Turkish Language B Learners


EY 5 Marmara matching body part words and images

This week, EY 5 started their new unit, identifying body parts such as “göz, kulak, diz, dirsek, bilek”. They then sorted the images and words by identifying the first letter sound of each body sound.

EY5 Hisar and body parts in Turkish

As we start our new unit about parts of the body, eager EY5 students identified different body parts through the song “Üç Kulaklı bir adam”, then went on to find the words matching the picture cards. There were quite a few laughs when they tried to identify the beginning sound / letter of each body part. While working on the smartboard, some very comical body parts such as “barmak”, “darmak” or “iyak” came up. However, they were all able to find and write the correct letter.


EY 5 Marmara in search for letters

EY5 matching the letters to the food items

EY5 matching the letters to the food items

This week, EY5 was busy matching the first letter of food items eaten by “Aç Tırtıl”, the Turkish version of “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”. They also reviewed the days of the week, numbers and colors.

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