Grade 1 Hisar writing about the seasons

Turkish Grade 1 students at Hisar wrote and drew about the changes occurring with seasons

Grade 1 Hisar sorting weather items into categories

Grade 1 at Hisar worked on sorting out pictures related to seasons into categories. They were not told that these were related to seasons, and came up with some very interesting ideas. Some unkowingly sorted them out according to the seasons (naming them, like Denis did), others categorized them according to different clothing items, the change in trees, or weather.

Grade 1 Hisar and the weather

This week, Hisar students looked for Istanbul on the map of Turkey. They then searched for cities beginning with an A. They then looked at yesterday, today and tomorrow’s weather conditions at the cities of their choice. This enabled them to reinforce their understanding of the past, present and future tenses by using suffixes such as “bulut-lu, bulut-luydu, bulutlu olacak“.

Grade 1 Marmara exploring the weather

Grade 1 students have been learning about different weather terms in Turkish class. They brainstormed about what they would need to present the weather to an audience. These were the days of the week, months and the name of cities. So we chose to start with the map of Turkey, so as to learn the location of different cities in the country. We also looked into different sentence structures such as “bugün hava güneşli”, and how it is different from “dün hava güneşliydi”, and how the suffixes change according to past, present and future tenses.

Grade 1 Hisar creates a word web

Grade 1 at Hisar creates a word web with "tırtıl".

Grade 1 at Hisar creates a word web with “tırtıl”.

Grade 1 Turkish language A students created a web with the word “tırtıl”. They searched for words associated to a caterpillar. There were some very creative ones. They then chose two words to make up a sentence. Realizing that the sentences were not complete or descriptive enough, they went on to look for new words to add to the existing ones.

Grade 1 Hisar Making Syllables

Grade 1 Hisar students are busy – and very enthusiastic about converting their knowledge of the alphabet into matching syllables to make words this week.

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